Tim McGraw Gay Rumors Swirl Amid Planned Tell-All

Tim McGraw gay rumors are now making the rounds following news that a disgruntled former bandmate is planning a tell-all memoir that details “homoerotic” behavior on the part of the popular country singer, according to a Wednesday report from Radar Online.

In the planned memoir, the bandmate plans to reveal a number of McGraw’s alleged antics, including a photo showing him smacking another man’s bare buttocks.

(Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that the Radar Online report comes from the National Enquirer. Neither source is known for its flawless journalism, so take any and all Tim McGraw gay rumors with a huge grain of salt at this point.)

That being said, an insider source told the Enquirer that McGraw likes to play pranks, adding that those pranks can get downright risque, but that in no way indicated he was a homosexual.

As for the photo that the unnamed bandmate will be running in the book, it shows the singer with his hand on drummer Billy Mason’s rear end.

“Tim dared his drummer… to run across the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans wearing bottomless leather chaps that exposed his butt,” said the source. “As Billy did it, Tim reached down and smacked him on his bare backside as a joke — and the nearly sold-out crowd roared with laughter!”

But the source also noted that the book will go beyond the photo and spill the beans on “stories about how Tim made comments, and complimented some band members on the size of their manhood, as they played along with his practical jokes.”

Singer Kenny Chesney would allegedly “join in the fun,” according to the Enquirer.

“They would have contests to see who could top the other with the wildest horseplay… And they would trade stories — half of them revolving around someone getting naked and doing something crazy.”

While the author of the upcoming tell-all believes that McGraw is a bisexual, the inside source speaking to the Enquirer disagrees, stating that “there is nothing gay about it,” while emphasizing McGraw’s affinity for jokes.

“Tim has a huge gay fan base and, actually, he’s proud of that,” the source said. “But he doesn’t want someone on a smear campaign casting aspersions about him that just aren’t true.”

And rumors like this are the last thing McGraw probably wants in the wake of recent rumors that he and wife Faith Hill’s marriage could be coming to an end. Reps for both artists have issued denials, but this is just an added stressor on the pair.

One particularly troublesome rumor is an allegation he may have cheated with country-pop princess Taylor Swift. True or not, that’s a dinner conversation we wouldn’t want any part of.

Do you think there is any truth to the Tim McGraw gay rumors, or is this just a case of sour grapes?

[Image via Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com]