‘The Star Wars’, A New Comic Book Based On George Lucas’ Script Debuts

The Star Wars is a new comic book based on George Lucas’ original 1974 script.

“A young, idealistic rebel from a desert planet seeks to fight an unjust, tyrannical emperor with a space station capable of destroying planets.” This could be the theme for the original film in the saga, right?

With some changes, Dark Horse Comics is bringing to life Lucas’ original script in which the 1977 film was based. By the time it hit the big screen, it had undergone more than a few changes.

Having obtained Lucas’ blessing, Dark Horse has created a new, eight-part miniseries, which will give fans a different take on the film they so love.

Some of the differences noticeable right away are that Darth Vader has no mask, Luke Skywalker is older and he is already a general, and Han Solo looks like an alien.

The Star Wars also includes the other characters we know from the original, Princess Leia, C3PO, and R2D2 as well as a new one called Kane Starkiller.

The new series’ writer J.W. Rinzler, who is an editor at LucasBooks, called it a once in a lifetime project and an opportunity to tell Lucas’ original story and before anyone starts thinking Hollywood adaptation he says,

“This is not something you could film,” Rinzler said. “Here’s a giant city and then here’s a giant vista filled with huge spacecraft. (Lucas) was doing his blue sky version of what he wanted to do. He knew this was not going to be filmable.”

The new story is similar and different from Star Wars and readers will notice that as they pursue the comic, Rinzler adds. In this new take, there are no lightsabers and the Jedi are more like knights than the fighters portrayed in the films.

According to Rinzler, The Star Wars provides fans with such “visual candy”. What more can you ask for?