Justin Bieber: N-Word Song Is A Fake, What's The Likelihood The Other Rumor Is Too?

Justin Bieber's camp and his record company Universal Music Group (UMG) have moved quickly to remove a song from the Internet falsely attributed to the singer that contained the N-Word.

Previous reports carried the unfounded rumor the pop star had released a new song featuring the offensive moniker in a song titled "What She Wants (Official) 2013."

The "fake" Justin supposedly sung the lyrics:

"I know how to treat her/ She want me to be her n***a."

The rest of the song features sexually explicit lyrics.

According to TMZ and Gossip Cop, the rumor began when a hoaxer uploaded "What She Wants (sic)" which featured a male singer approximating Bieber's tone who used the N-Word.

The user also customized the YouTube account to look like the Canadian's VEVO account.

Both websites report Bieber's camp have said the singer had nothing to do with the song.

Meanwhile, the superstar's record company Universal Music Group have issued a copyright claim and the song has now been removed from YouTube and possibly elsewhere.

That effort will doubtless continues as other postings of the song are currently still on the web.

The original posting of the N-Word-laden song reportedly attracted over 200,000 hits on YouTube and received over 4,000 likes and around 300 dislikes. It's impossible to verify that as that posting of "What She wants (sic)" has been taken down following UMG's copyright claim.

Some hoodwinked fans apparently reacted badly to the questionable lyric and made their feelings known in YouTube comments.

While no-one has yet been outed as the hoaxer, TMZ and Gossip Cop report it's thought the song was originally posted by an artist named Khalil Underwood.

If that's true, Justin has been here with that particular singer before.

Back in June, within days of the star revealing news and artwork for his new single "Heartbreaker," a hoaxer posted a song sung by Underwood under a fake Justin Bieber YouTube VEVO account claiming it was a leaked release.

An indignant Underwood hit back on June 11 in a YouTube post revealing user(s) had downloaded his song "What's wrong, What's Right?" from one of his 2012 mixtapes and re-uploaded it with Bieber's "Heartbreaker" artwork.

In the clip Underwood asked Justin to help clear up the confusion.

Shortly after, the 19-year-old sent fans on a treasure hunt via Instagram telling them "Heartbreaker is on the Internet somewhere find it," only to reveal a few hours later that the VEVO account was a fake.

Now that the N-Word rumor has been shut down, perhaps other rumors loosely attached to Bieber will follow suit.

[Image via Ahlan Live]