‘Grand Theft Auto V’: Online ‘GTA’ Will Turn The Tables On Thieves

Grand Theft Auto V‘s companion game GTA Online is going to turn the tables on players.

Imagine you’re playing a friendly online game of GTA Online and you end up the victim of someone else’s shenanigans. Suddenly your wallet is laying right next to your dead body as they get out of their car and steal all of your money. Yes, the very things you usually get away with in single player will happen to you online. You might even get your car stolen as you wander a building on foot.

Grand Theft Auto V is aiming to change the way the game plays by giving thieves a taste of their own medicine online. All of those evil things you had in mind for random citizens in the world of Online GTA will happen to you as others with the same intentions will make you the victim.

Also imagine that you’ve just pulled off a brilliant bank heist, but your buddy isn’t as generous as he made himself out to be. He just takes the money and runs off with everything. It could happen, even though with the Xbox One reputation system it might earn him a point toward hanging with the trolls.

Rockstar is making it so when these things happen to you – and they will – you can ensure that the things that were stolen will be returned, even if the thieves never bring it back. Rockstar will make it possible to insure your belongings, so that when your car does get stolen, the game puts it right back where you left it. We are not sure if this extends to that killer weapon you’ve been using, though.

Just to be sure that your money doesn’t get stolen as a random punk comes along, runs you over or guns you down, and then proceeds to steal your wallet, it is recommended that you use an in-game ATM to deposit your cash as often as possible.

You will be a victim in GTA Online, and Grand Theft Auto V will have options to ensure you don’t lose everything when other players turn the tables on you.