Alyssa Milano Sex Tape Leaks To The Internet [Video]

Alyssa Milano has a sex tape and it’s… well, hilarious.

The actress recently filmed a sexy video and somehow it ended up in the hands of Funny Or Die. And in case you couldn’t tell by now, the Alyssa Milano sex tape is a skit.

You didn’t really think that the Charmed actress had a porn video floating around, did you?

The Funny or Die skit starts with Milano at a hotel during a Cabo vacation. The actress is apparently feeling a little saucy and decides to grab her video camera and put on some lingerie.

She finds her man in bed, surrounded by roses, and tells him that she wants to make a sex tape. And that’s when things get funny. The actress dives on the bed and inadvertently turns the camera around so its facing the television.

Then, instead of watching Alyssa Milano in the throws of passion, pornography aficionados are forced to watch an instructive report about the conflict in Syria.

Funny or Die apparently wants people to be informed about the conflict overseas but they know that no one is going to click on a link titled “Boring white guy reads report about international news.” But people will click on a link that promises to deliver Alyssa Milano’s sex tape. I mean, you’re here.

Here’s the Funny Or Die Video.