Geraldo Rivera Loses Speaking Job Over Infamous Selfie

Geraldo Rivera is learning the hard way that it’s not always smart to drink and tweet.

The talk show host admitted that loneliness and alcohol influenced his decision to share a semi-nude selfie with his followers on Twitter. Although Rivera later deleted the tweet, the damage is already done. Finding a copy of the image in question isn’t that hard if you know how to use Google.

Since more than a few people thought the photo was in very poor taste, the folks at Duquesne University have essentially booted Geraldo Rivera from an upcoming panel. The journalist was on-deck to speak during the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Rivera’s decision to post a semi-nude selfie on Twitter ultimately prompted school officials to reconsider the idea. As a result, he’s been kicked to the proverbial curb for the time being. It’s unclear when or if he’ll be asked back.

According to The Associated Press, Duquesne University representatives have yet to comment further on the situation. The school hasn’t released another statement about the speaking job as of this writing.

Not surprisingly, Geraldo Rivera wasn’t happy about the situation. He reportedly referred to the cancellation as “pretentious censorship.”

The folks at Duquesne University aren’t the only ones who were a little upset by Rivera’s infamous selfie. The journalist previously said that Fox News asked him to remove the tweet after the photo went viral.

“I took it down the next day after I heard from Fox. I just heard from Fox to take it down. I haven’t heard the next sentence yet,” Rivera recently explained.

The talk show host added that his daughter was extremely adamant about her father removing the offending image. The 18-year-old reportedly sent her dad a very stern text message demanding that he delete the post as soon as humanly possible.

Are you surprised that the Gerald Rivera selfie cost the journalist a speaking job at Duquesne University? Do you agree that the photo was inappropriate?