John Molner: Katie Couric’s Fiance Has Cheating Past

John Molner: Katie Couric's Fiance Has Cheating Past

John Molner may now be happily engaged to Katie Couric, but the wealthy financier didn’t exactly have a clean start to the relationship.

The talk show host announced this week that she is engaged after the 50-year-old Molner popped the question during sunset on a beach in East Hampton, New York.

Though they’re on the road to happiness now, things were a bit complicated when Molner and Couric first hooked up. In the days after they went public with their relationships, the National Enquirer found that Molner was actually in a two-year relationship when he and Couric started dating.

Reports said Molner’s 27-year-old girlfriend, Jessica Hsu, found out about his sneaking around with Couric. Molner then promised not to contact the anchor again.

“Jessica and John loved each other,” a source said. “He was even talking about buying an apartment for them in New York. They were dating when Jessica discovered John was seeing Katie behind her back.”

Within a week, Molner changed his mind and dumped Hsu, reportedly telling her, “It is what it is.”

That seems to all be in the past now, as he and Couric plan to marry.

This will be the second wedding for Katie Couric. She married Jay Monahan in 1989, and the couple had two daughters together before Monahan died of colon cancer in 1998. Afterward Katie became a spokeswoman for colon cancer awareness, even undergoing a colonoscopy on-air in 2000.

In the years after Monahan’s death, Katie’s love life became a popular topic for tabloids. In a 2011 interview with People magazine, Katie said she would like to eventually get married again, but she wasn’t getting too stressed out over it.

“When the girls were really little, I always imagined I would be modern-day Carol Brady,” she said. “I used to worry a lot about the future. [But] who knows what it will bring? Hopefully it will bring good things.”

While the courtship may have had a rocky start, it seems that John Molner and Katie Couric are now madly in love. They went public with the relationship in April 2012, and since then Katie has gushed about Molner in interviews. They have not yet announced a date for their wedding.