Austin Police SWAT Arrest Naked Man For Arson

Austin Police SWAT arrested a man for arson and burglary this morning, and he was naked when they did.

Shortly before 2:30 this morning, Police received a hangup 911 call from a dealership along Interstate 35, according to officials. Officers saw the man move to a Nissan dealership, where he set fire to some office furniture, setting off a two-alarm fire. The man had barricaded himself inside the dealership, which was where Austin Police found him.

Fire crews could not access the fire immediately due to the man’s barricade, but the fire did not pose any threat to the building itself or any of the surrounding structures. The man had been adding fuel to the fire regularly, and after a while Austin Police Corporal Wut Tantaksinanukij announced the fire had died down considerably. They had tried to get the man’s attention with discretionary devices known as flash bangs.

Austin Police SWAT tried to negotiate with the man as a robot was sent in to survey the scene and appraise the situation. Senior police officer Veneza Bremner said they made eye contact with the man during the ordeal, shortly before the man ran into another part of the dealership.

Shortly before 8AM, the man tried to run from the dealership. With the help of dogs, he was captured and arrested, but he was completely naked. Emergency medical personnel looked him over for signs of injury before he was accused of burglary and arson after forcing his way into the dealership. It is unknown whether or not he has any connections with the dealership or even may have worked there.

Officers still don’t know why the man had removed his clothes during the incident. His identity has not been revealed, but he could face the charges he has been accused of.

Further details have yet to be released as officers investigate the naked man arrested by Austin Police SWAT.