Amanda Bynes’ Treatment Runs $3,500 Each Day

Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold could be extended for up to a year; a pricey proposition since UCLA Medical Center is charging her $3,500 each day for treatment.

TMZ reports that the high price of Amanda Bynes’ treatment is due to living expenses in addition to medical services, noting that a deluxe executive suite at the Four Seasons runs about $815 each night.

In terms of lump sums, 60 days at UCLA Medical Center costs $210,000, while a full year of treatment runs $1,277,500. Bynes does have medical insurance through the Screen Actor’s Guild, but her policy won’t cover very much.

So it really behooves her to get healthy and out of dodge as soon as possible.

After a 72-hour hold, Bynes’ stay was extended to two weeks and then 30 days. Doctors at UCLA apparently want her to stay long term, possibly up to a year, but it’s not considered likely.

The current plan is to release her into her mother’s care after 60 days.

Bynes’ mom, Lynn, was granted a partial conservatorship of her daughter earlier this month. This allows her to make decisions about the young actress’ health and finances.

And contrary to reports that Bynes managed to snag a phone while in lock-up to finally access her Twitter account in order to post the following…

I love drake

— amanda bynes (@amandabynes) August 31, 2013

… Her lawyer said that her account was actually hacked, and that she hasn’t had access to a phone, computer or the Internet while she’s been in UCLA. It’s all for the best, too. Amanda Bynes’ treatment should be her primary focus. Get well, Amanda!