September 3, 2013
John Schneider Set To Produce New Horror Movie

Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider is preparing to enter the world of horror movies.

The actor recently launched his very own production company in Baton Rouge. His first order of business will be to crank out the horror flick Smothered. Filming on the movie will probably begin at some point next year.

In order to bring the movie to life, John Schneider has enlisted a slew of genre veterans. He recently shared some details about the upcoming horror movie with Blog Talk Radio.

"It stars Kane Hodder, who was Jason Vorhees, Don Shanks, who was Michael Myers, R.A. Mihailoff, who was Leatherface, William Moseley, who was Otis from 'House of A Thousand Corpses' and 'The Devil's Rejects,' and Brea Grant, who is from Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' and 'Dexter,'" he explained.

Schneider added, "I kind of feel like the champion of the disenfranchised because these are all the guys in the mask. None of these guys have ever starred in a movie without a mask or some weird disguise, so this is all those serial killers unveiled in this movie."

The Smallville alum revealed that he'll also have a small role in the movie. Since his part has been described as a cameo, there's a very good possibility that Schneider could meet his maker at the hands of these horror veterans.

Although the actor is probably best known for his work on the small screen, John Schneider isn't a stranger to the world of low-budget horror. Not only did he appear in director Fred Olen Ray's Super Shark, he also had a role in Steve Latshaw Return of the Killer Shrews.

Just because he's getting into the producing game doesn't mean that he's giving up acting. Schneider is currently attached to star in writer-director Cole Claassen's Road to the Open and Keith Alan Morris's drama Runaway Hearts.

John Schneider's horror-comedy Smothered should arrive on December 13, 2014. In case you were wondering, that date happens to be a Friday.

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