September 3, 2013
Harry Potter Gets Rushed By Fans In Venice

Harry Potter, or Daniel Radcliffe as he is known in real life, was rushed by fans on Sunday at the Venice Film Festival.

The barricades were pushed over as soon as the now 24-year-old star hit the red carpet. Throngs of screaming fans rushed towards Radcliffe, who was at the festival to promote his upcoming film, Kill Your Darlings.

Fortunately, quick thinking bodyguards, as well as police, came to the rescue, hurrying Daniel down the carpet to the film's premiere. He spoke about what it was like to be so famous in a press conference, saying:

"Thankfully, it's not always like this. I've been dealing with it in various ways since I was 11. I don't take it seriously, actually I think it's funny," his comments came as excited fans rattled the windows of the room where he was speaking to reporters.

Radcliffe spoke more about the new movie, saying he hoped fans would continue their die hard support of him: "I'm incredibly grateful for the swirl of support behind me," he said. "My fans seem to be excited by the unconventional path I am taking."

He continued to explain what first spiked his interest for the role in the new movie: "I love poetry and it was fantastic to get the part and have the opportunity to dive into Ginsberg's life. The diaries he made when he was young gave me an amazing insight into his character."

The Harry Potter star was not hurt in the sudden stampede of fans at the Venice Film Festival, thanks to the quick thinking and reactions of those escorting him.