September 3, 2013
Harry Styles Says Twerking Is 'Inappropriate', Promotes Promiscuity [Video]

Harry Styles of the British boy band One Direction, is speaking up about twerking, after the VMAs fiasco last Sunday night. He is calling it "inappropriate" and adds it promotes promiscuity.

Apparently Harry is not turned on by Miley Cyrus and the likes, who think the provocative dance is sexy. He says it's just not his cuppa tea.

The 19-year-old teen idol made the comments at a recent press junket for the band's new documentary movie This Is Us.

When asked about the Miley Cyrus booty shaking dancing, Styles told Moviefone, he thought it was quite inappropriate, especially considering the age groups which it is aimed at.

Moviefone then followed up on the question asking Harry Styles if they were concerned about twerking due to the young age of some of their fans.

"When they're twerking, yes," Styles answered. "I think it's, you know, promoting promiscuity."

So there you have it, quite the mature comment for a 19-year-old concerning the explicit moves.

A week ago today, Miley Cryrus took the Internet (and the rest of the world for that matter) by storm after her raunchy performance during the MTV Video Music Awards performance with Robin Thicke.

Cyrus was seen sticking out her tongue, which has become her favorite thing to do, pretending to fondle Thicke's privates with a giant foam finger (the ones you see at sporting events), and slapping the stuffed animals dancing to her new song We Can't Stop.

There was backlash from all quarters, after the jaw-dropping show and Cyrus was shred to pieces on Twitter, which has become a platform for people to voice their opinions in real-time. The negative comments came almost instantaneously.

Harry Styles seems to have a good understanding of what is appropriate and what isn't. Twerking seems to be something he doesn't approve of.