Christie Brinkley Says Goodbye To Summer In Stunning White Dress

Christie Brinkley said goodbye to summer this weekend with a performance at the Guild Hall in the Hamptons.

Brinkley joined celebrities like Ralph Macchio and Brooke Shields for “Celebrity Autobiography” as the summer party season came to a close.

Brinkley wrote on Facebook: “Summers Final Curtain call…..Hope Your Summer gave you many reasons to stand up and CHEER!!!!!”

Brinkley, 59, was sad to see summer go but she’s even more distraught about sending her son to college.

The model said: “Whenever I stop and think about it I just weep. The back to school routine will be a little relaxing.”

You can see a video of Christie Brinkley’s performance in the Hamptons here.

The Daily Mail reports that the supermodel also spent some time at the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, New York this weekend. Brinkley wore a white frock, some brown suede ankle boots, and a stylish fedora as she posed with her 15-year-old daughter Sailor Cook.

Brinkley has been pretty active this summer. The former supermodel has made a few appearances on the show Parks and Recreations and even showcased her DJ skills at a Hamptons party earlier this year.

Mostly, the former supermodel has been showing the world that she still looks amazing at 59.