PostSecret Murder Confession Leads To Investigation

A PostSecret murder confession has led to a criminal investigation. The confession included the words “I dumped her body” and a red arrow pointing to a location on an aerial map.

PostSecret is an online community where users are encouraged to mail or upload postcards with written confessions. The homemade post cards are often artfully done, featuring photos, artwork, and cut-out letters.

When the post cards are received, they are posted to the website. The confessions range from humorous to deeply disturbing.

On Sunday, the postcard appeared on the front page of the website. As reported by Orlando Sentinel, the PostSecret murder confession gained a lot of attention.

Reddit users created a subreddit thread to draw attention to the postcard and possible murder. The users worked together to identify the location on the map as Jackson Park in Chicago, Illinois.

The postcard eventually gained the attention of the Chicago Police Department. As reported by Chicago Tribune, police searched the entire park. However, no body, or evidence of a murder, was found.

Officer Daniel O’Brien explains that the case has been referred to the department’s detective bureau.

Some Reddit users criticized PostSecret founder Frank Warren for failing to report the confession to police. Instead, Warren posted the information to a Twitter account, suggesting that Reddit users may be able to help.

A number of the Reddit posts about the confession were removed as they were considered a form of “activism.”

Amanda Conrad, age 22, admits that she posted the information on Reddit. She is unsure if the confession is a hoax. However she was not willing to take any chances.


Eric Larson, age 39, read about the PostSecret murder confession on Twitter. He recognized the location in the aerial map as a Chicago park.

Larson says he is not sure whether the postcard was a tasteless hoax or a true confession. However, he is happy he could do something to help.

[Image via Flickr]