Is Dina Eastwood Moving On After Separating From Clint? [Rumor]

Dina Eastwood, now known as the former wife of Clint Eastwood, seems to be wasting no time in moving on without her ex husband.

There were rumors abound last year, after the two failed to appear together publicly and Clint was seen out without his wedding band on.

Now, after the announcement of the separation, we hear officially that the couple has been separated for about a year, and that Dina may have started seeing her ex-boyfriend from High School, University of Hawaii assistant basketball coach Scott Fisher.

These rumors have not been confirmed by a credible source, so we'll just leave it at that.

For his part, Clint Eastwood was seen dropping off a mystery lady at the airport, after more rumors that she spent the night with him at his Los Angeles home. But the woman in question was very young and reports suggest that she could be one of his daughters.

Clint and Dina Eastwood were married for 17 years and have a daughter, Morgan.

Dina Eastwood confirmed her split from Clint in an interview with Us Weekly on Thursday and commented that she remains friendly with him even thought they've been living apart for over a year.

The rumor is that troubles started for the couple when Dina decided to film a reality TV show called Mrs. Eastwood And Company, which was cancelled for lack of numbers after the first season.

The show followed the daily lives of Dina, her daughter by Clint, Morgan and step-daughter Francesca Fisher- Eastwood, Clint's daughter from his relationship with actress Frances Fisher.

Apparently Clint, who is a very private person, did not appreciate having his personal life so publicly displayed on television screens around the world and started spending more and more time away from home.

Clint Eastwood's manager, Leonard Hirshan told E! had no comment about the mystery woman, nor his separation from Dina Eastwood.