Sean Kingston Concert Canceled After Gang Rape Allegations

Sean Kingston's upcoming concert at the University of Western Ontario has been canceled.

Kingston was supposed to perform on September 7 for Orientation Week, but the university decided to cancel the performance after learning that the singer was accused of gang raping a young woman three years ago.

The university said in a press release that it was not taking a position on whether Kingston is guilty or not, but it felt that "proceeding with the concert would undermine the university and the USC's efforts to educate students that Western has zero tolerance for sexual assault."

University Students' Council President Pat Whelan said, "Having Mr. Kingston perform could cloud the values surrounding O-Week."

Susan Grindrod, associate vice president of Housing and Ancillary Services said, "It is essential that all of our students, but in particular our incoming students and orientation volunteers, feel safe and valued at Western. This includes those who may be survivors of sexual assault."

Sean Kingston was sued by 22-year-old Carissa Capoleto, who claimed that she was forced to have sex with Kingston, his bodyguard, and a member of Kingston's band in a Seattle hotel room in July 2010 after a Justin Bieber concert, where the 23-year-old singer had also performed.

Capoleto said she smoked weed and took seven to 10 shots of vodka before being invited to Kingston's room for a meet-and-greet. She said Kingston was naked on the bed, and that his bodyguard placed her on top of him. She said the three men gang raped her even though she was "obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent."

Charges were dropped because police didn't feel Capoleto was credible enough to pursue the case. She then filed a lawsuit against the three men for a minimum of $5 million. Kingston filed his own legal documents claiming that the sex was consensual, and a trial was scheduled for November.

Three days after the lawsuit was filed, Sean Kingston settled with Carissa Capoleto for a fraction of what she wanted. He wanted to avoid a civil trial because he has a new album and tour coming up and didn't want to lose focus by going to court. The lawsuit is expected to be dismissed shortly.

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