How Firefighters Get Cats Out Of Trees In Russia [Video]

Here's a heart-warming video about firefighters who rescue a cat from a tree. Well, come to think of it, maybe it isn't exactly all that heart-warming.

Here at The Inquisitr, we're a sucker for an animal rescue story. And there's nothing that brings a smile to our face like a firefighter who goes out of his way to rescue a cute kitty cat that's stuck in a tree.

But there's a but.

This new video is from Russia. And apparently they do things a little differently there.

If you expect a softhearted American approach, starring a handsome firefighter with chiseled biceps going up in a cherry picker to personally rescue the cat from the tree, then you'd better get ready for a shock.

From the look of it, there's no way in heck these fine firefighters from Russia are going up in a tree to fetch a cat. They may be a little outraged that they received such a request at all.

And there's equally no way in heck that this terrified kitty is going to be coaxed to climb down on its own.

So the Russian firefighters appear to decide that the cat needs some incentive.

A lot of incentive.

Folks, please don't try this at home. A blast of water from a hose might destroy your cat's faith in you forever.

Considering the height this cat fell, the pitiful pet was lucky to escape serious injury. Can we all agree that with rescue service like that, it's a darn good thing that cats have nine lives?

Since the cat walked away, it's a happy ending and we can all laugh. Did I say walked away? The cat ran away like its tail was on fire and its rear end was catching. And who can blame the soaked kitty?

Seriously, folks, I hope I don't see too many other videos of firefighters using this technique to get a cat out of tree.

[wet cat thumbnail photo credit: jgrimm via photopin cc]