'Downton Abbey' Season 4, First Trailer Makes Debut [Video]

Downton Abbey Season 4 has a new trailer, ahead of the premiere in the UK later this month.

Last season, the dramatic events in the season finale left fans, and cast members alike, in complete shock. One of the main characters in the series, Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) was killed off.

The fact that the series shows so much later in the United States than in England, left fans unhappy because of spoilers leaking online and ruining the series even before American viewers started watching.

Masterpiece PBS executives argue that the current model for showing Downton Abbey in January in the US is working very well, regardless of fans wishes.

In the new season, we see how Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is coping with Matthew's loss, raising the baby that was born immediately before his father's death.

This time around, the Grathams don't need to worry about having an heir, Matthew and Mary's son will inherit Downton Abbey.

The action continues six months after the shocking events of Season 3 and sees Lady Mary in mourning and fending off offers of suitors presented in front of her to help her move on with her life.

Writer Julian Fellowes has stated that Matthew's departure has given the show the opportunity to inject new life into the plot. Hopefully he knows what he's doing or many will be unhappy.

The show's writer took a beating from fans on social media about the way in which the lovable and popular main character left. Dan Stevens also suffered backslash for leaving at such a popular point in the series.

Stevens is pursuing a career in movies, after spending his early days as an actor in theater and television.

There are many interesting plot lines that will unravel this season including that of Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) and what she will do with her life. Will she have to fight her sister Mary for suitors?

Downton Abbey Season 4 returns to the UK on September 22 on ITV.