Woman Hides Stolen $5000 In Her Rectum, Hospital Removes It But Police Keep For Evidence

A Tennessee woman hid $5,000 in cash inside her rectum and then tried to remove the money with a toilet brush and tongs. She is now recovering in hospital.

Christie Black, 43, allegedly stole the money from her boyfriend Bobby Gulley last week because she was afraid that he was going to split up with her.

She was sent to Hawkings County Memorial Hospital suffering from severe bleeding, after she failed to remove the cash. Police have charged her with theft.

On Tuesday in the early hours of the morning, a deputy from the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office was sent to Gulley's home following a complaint that his girlfriend was stealing from him.

According to a report in the MailOnline, Gulley told Sgt. Michael Allen that he had "set a trap" for Black by putting two envelopes containing $4,000 and $1,000 in $100 in an old medicine bag which he put on top of a table.

He awoke in the night to find the bag missing. When he saw that his girlfriend was also awake, he confronted her about the money.

Sgt. Allen stated in a report that: "He then asked her where the money was, and she admitted to him she'd wrapped it up and stuck it in her rectum." He continued: "Black admitted to taking the money and some drugs because Mr. Gulley was going to kick her out and she needed money for a place to live."

Black then tried to remove the cash with a toilet brush and tongs but failed.

"She was bleeding severely and was transported to the Hawkins County Memorial Hospital emergency room,' Allen said."'The wad of money was removed and collected as evidence."

Christie Black remained listed in fair condition at Holston Valley Medical Center, having given a whole new meaning to the phrase "dirty money."