Dubai Diet Gold Final Weigh-In, Hundreds Of Dieters Get Gold For Losing Weight

The Dubai diet gold contest has started its final weigh-in yesterday and will continue to weigh contestants until Tuesday night. As a result of a five-week obesity awareness campaign, hundreds of dieters in the Middle Eastern city-state will be rewarded with gold for losing weight.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Dubai's Your Weight in Gold campaign was a five-week contest that asked citizens to participate in a weight loss contest.

Dieters who signed up for the contest could win real gold depending on how much weight they lost. To prevent cheaters, dieters had to be weighed by trained dieticians on official scales.

Dubai's The National explained that you had to lose more than 2 kilograms to earn the diet gold. People who lost between 2 to 5 kilograms earned a gram of gold for each kilogram lost.

People who lost between 5 to 10 kilograms earned two grams of gold per kilograms.

And people who lost more than 10 kilograms got three grams per kilo.

As a bonus, the three biggest losers will participate in a drawing. One of them will receive a bonus gold coin.

That drawing will take place at an award ceremony, which is planned to honor all three of the biggest losers as well as the other successful dieters.

CTV News said that the biggest loser so far had shed 22 kilograms, enough to earn him a cool $3,200 of the precious metal in Dubai's diet gold contest. That's about 48 pounds of weight dropped in just five weeks -- a weight-loss that most people might be unlikely to achieve without surgery or extreme fasting.

Another big loser dropped 18 kilograms -- almost 40 pounds. It's an impressive achievement.

But haters gonna hate. A commenter on the CTV story complained, "Where is my prize for not having to lose weight, eating healthy, and exercising?"

Local officials have said that the purpose of the Dubai diet gold contest is to raise awareness of the obesity epidemic in that nation.

[gold coin photo by Kao via Shutterstock]