Tucker Carlson Falls Asleep On Live TV [Video]

Tucker Carlson dozed off during Saturday morning’s Fox & Friends broadcast on the Fox News Channel.

As the internet is saying almost as one, Tucker was tuckered out. But he was a good sport about the whole thing (which consumed two segments) and took it in stride.

Carlson’s primary day job is editor in chief of The Daily Caller.

As the show went live after a commercial break, co-host Mike Jerrick whispered to the viewers, “he’s really asleep.” In calling attention to the fact that Carlson had nodded off, Alisyn Camerota then said, “I don’t think were being good co-hosts right now.”

When he awoke, Carlson was momentarily confused and asked “is this honestly live”? Once he collected himself, Carlson explained that he was burning the candle at both ends, having hosted Hannity’s FNC show the night before, and fell asleep as a result. “I sat in for Sean Hannity last night and it went late. I has having these happy thoughts and just dozed off.”

Staff of these morning programs do have to get up at hideously early hours for show prep. Jerrick declared that this was the first time in 15 years of Fox & Friends that any on-air talent fell asleep on set, however.

The libertarian-leaning conservative also joked that he recommended that viewers take a little nap even if on live television. “That was a reset for me; I like to take a nap right in middle [of the four-hour show] so it’s like a brand new day.” Carlson added that the teasing from his Fox & Friends co-hosts didn’t bother him. “It’s impossible to embarrass me because there’s no cost for me… I danced on television — so you’re going to hurt my feelings?” Carlson was referring to his failed stint on Dancing With the Stars in 2006.

Whether its hosts are awake or asleep, Fox & Friends regularly beats its other cable news competitors in the ratings.