Justin Bieber Surprises Teen’s ‘Sweet Sixteen’ After Nightclub Attack

Justin Bieber delighted a Toronto teenager when he performed at her sweet sixteen birthday party on Saturday, August 31.

Despite being attacked by a male clubber hours before in the city’s Uniun Nightclub and reportedly losing a $40,000 gold chain, the heartthrob made Erica Shnaider’s 16th the envy of millions of girls.

Justin and his crew showed up at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto and surprised Erica at her party, even though she noted earlier on her Twitter account that the singer was in town.

Erica is the daughter of Toronto billionaire condo developer, ex-commodities trader Alex Shnaider and his wife Simona, and certainly many of the guests at the celebration were not the usual sweet sixteen party-goers.

As well as a gallery-full of teenage girls, also in attendance were Amoryn Engel, the society editor for the National Post and Hello Canada!, Nicholas Mellamphy, Vice President and Buying Director for The Hudson’s Bay Company and The Room, and Jessica Mulroney, PR project manager for a number of prestigious Canadian businesses.

As a special treat, Justin gave Erica a different kind of gift. Instead of the usual birthday ditty, the 19-year-old sang his new single “Heartbreaker” to an apparently beaming teen.

@justinbieber I don’t think I could ever thank you enough…pic.twitter.com/0owIIIf5dv

— Erica Shnaider (@EricaShnaider) September 1, 2013

According to the Toronto Star, the Bieb’s appearance was short and sweet and lasted about three minutes.

“He’s got 30 Rambo Secret Service guys around him. They cleared the place like there could be a potential bomb threat, then he’s walked into a black SUV,” reveals Tyler Armes of Toronto rap-rock band Down With Webster, who also performed on stage.

Armes said after Bieber performed his upcoming single, he danced “provocatively” with Erica.

From the flurry of tweets that resulted, the serenade impressed the guests.

thank you so much @justinbieber for making erica’s birthday so awesome!!!! #torontolovesjb #justinbieber :) pic.twitter.com/1WH8XyCTjW — Syd Turack (@sydturack) September 1, 2013

Bieber may have only arrived mid-way through the party and stayed briefly, but, from the plentiful tweets flying around the Interwebs at the weekend, it seems the superstar’s appearance was appreciated.

@DOWNWITHWEBSTER Thanks so much 4 coming tonight! You guys were incredible! Cant wait 2 see you on the 14th! pic.twitter.com/7yhN32cZuF — Erica Shnaider (@EricaShnaider) September 1, 2013

Last night wasn’t the first time Justin met Erica.

After his final North American Believe tour concert in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 10, the teen star surprised the then just turned 16-year-old by singing Happy Birthday aboard her family’s private jet before departing on his own.

The day after the unwelcome drama of the nightclub attack amid the still uncertain fate of his gold chain, Bieber posted an Instagram of himself and a friend perhaps blowing off some needed steam with some shirtless, dirt 4-wheeler riding.

The pop prince sent a salty message to TMZ in the caption, most likely in response to the gossip site’s “Allergic to shirts” video story.

Posted on Sunday, September 1, Justin’s Instagram was tagged, “Tmz this is for u (sic).”

Justin Bieber Instagram To TMZ

For her part, Erica’s Twitter timeline reads like a teenager who has just had the best night of her young life, which funnily enough is exactly how she put it.

@justinbieber most incredible weekend of my life all thanks to you — Erica Shnaider (@EricaShnaider) September 1, 2013

Most unreal night of my life..I don’t even know what to say… — Erica Shnaider (@EricaShnaider) September 1, 2013

But like…did tonight actually happen..or..? — Erica Shnaider (@EricaShnaider) September 1, 2013

Justin Bieber At Toronto Teen's 16th Birthday Party On August 31

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