Xbox One Release Date Rumors Mount

The Xbox One release date rumors are all over the place, as a new source suggests yet another date.

Rumors have been running rampant about the Xbox One release date ever since its reveal. Oddly enough, Microsoft never seems to announce much of anything major at events, always choosing to wait for press releases to make announcements about things like their DRM policies and online connectivity demands. Once again, Microsoft had a chance to announce the release date for Xbox One at Gamescom 2013, but it was Sony who took the leap at that point, once again leaving Microsoft gamers in the dark.

A source close to Walmart claimed in an email to Kotaku that the Xbox One release date would be November 8, placing it a week ahead of the PlayStation 4, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. However, as official as that email may seem, it wasn’t confirmed officially. If there is anything we know about Microsoft, especially after they released the name of their next-gen console, it’s that they keep a tight lid on rumors until they’re good and ready to talk.

Last week, another rumor flew around concerning Amazon’s listings for various first-party products related to the Xbox One. November 27 was rumored to be the release date at that point, as also reported by The Inquisitr, and again, Microsoft didn’t confirm it one way or the other. This was the second rumor surrounding the release date that apparently came from a reliable source, though in Amazon’s case, the date may simply be a placeholder so the listings can exist.

The latest rumor surrounds a large online organization remaining unnamed, claiming the Xbox One release date to be November 22, which coincides with the release date of its predecessor and falls exactly a week behind that of the PlayStation 4. Keep in mind once again that until Microsoft confirms anything at all, it is only rumor and speculation.

As the release of the their next-gen console closes in, one can’t help but wonder when Microsoft is planning to announce the Xbox One release date.