Driver Misses Giant Boulder Crushing Car By Inches [Video]

A driver is almost crushed by a giant boulder falling on a mountain road somewhere in Taiwan. If you're an extremely nervous driver, you better brace yourself before you hit that button to watch this newly posted video of an extremely lucky driver's extremely close escape.

As you can see, the driver apparently does notice the giant boulder crashing down. He's able to swerve into the oncoming lane just in the nick of time.

Somehow, even though the boulder is much larger than his car, the driver misses being smashed like a bug and eventually emerges from the vehicle to ponder the scene.

There isn't much more to say about the video, which speaks for itself. We've all seen those "Watch Out For Falling Rocks" signs. And we've all wondered why.

After all, what are we supposed to do about it? The rocks are either going to fall or not fall. We'll either get hit or not hit. On a narrow mountain road with oncoming traffic, there's very often little you can do to change your fate.

But apparently if you're sufficiently alert -- and there's nobody in the oncoming lane -- the quick-thinking driver can indeed escape almost-certain death.

By the by, Americans still seem to be behind the eight ball when it comes to posting cool dash cam videos. Fortunately, the rest of the world has been quick to step into the void.

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At least the over-sized rock that nearly missed the Taiwanese driver didn't come all the way from outer space to take its shot at him. But after watching this video, I think you'll agree the driver was lucky to walk away from that giant boulder.

[giant boulder thumbnail photo by Felix O "Sludgegulper" via Flickr, CC]