2010 Pittsburgh Pirates season in review

At this point can we even still consider the Pittsburgh Pirates a Major League team? Come on they went 8-21 in August, after ringing up single digit victory totals in June and July. They finished 57-105, never even caught a whiff of first place, and at their worst they were 34.5 games out of first place. They has a 31-48 record in their own division and went 2-13 in inter league play. It is just sad that their ownership is allowed to run their team in this terrible way.

Guess what the Pirate offense was one of the worst not only in the National League but in all of baseball. They scored just 587 runs, worst of all 30 MLB teams. They hit 126 home runs, beating out just five MLB teams. They had just 1,303 hits, the second worst number of all 30 teams. Pirates hitters struck out 1,208 times 8th worst in the NL and they drew 463 walks the second lowest number in the NL. No Pirate hit more than .300 for the year with 2B Neil Walker coming closest hitting .296 for the year.

Guess what the Pirate pitching staff is one of the worst in baseball. The staff ERA was 5.00 easily the worst among all 30 MLB teams. They struck out 1,026 batters the 4th lowest MLB total. The real positive here is they only walked 538 hitters. Of course they did give up 1,567 hits the most of any MLB team in 2010. This team does nothing well, and that my friends is the problem.

I don’t know what else to say. The team needs new ownership and the MLB needs to make an example of an owner who continues to profit while not putting any effort into his on the field product. Bud Selig should step in and fix this farce, but we know the spineless one will not.

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