Cher’s Blonde Tweets Show Off ‘Playboy’ Style ‘Closer to the Truth’ Album Art

Cher’s blonde album cover art for Closer to the Truth has inspired the 67-year-old singer to tweet a series of pictures to show how the blonde look was created. Check it out by scrolling down.

After releasing the cover art on Saturday, Cher stepped forward on Twitter to talk a little bit about the new look. “I thought you might like to see the steps/process that was used to get to the cover,” she explained.

She may have been a little nervous about the blonde look. When she first released the blonde image, Cher was back rather quickly to tweet a question: “How do you like today’s new picture? Don’t see any RTs [retweets]. IS THAT A NO?”

Fans took the hint and then quickly stepped up to the plate with comments like “wow” and “OMG! CHERGASM!”

But haters gonna hate, and some people are unhappy. A typical complaint was represented by this tweet, “Cher went blonde. Why is everybody going blonde?”

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Closer to the Truth will be Cher’s 26th studio album. It’s currently scheduled to appear on sale on September 24.

“A Woman’s World,” the new single, has already been released. It quickly hit No. 1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart.

As you can see, Cher felt the original photo was a little too dark and maybe a tad too harsh.

Here’s an intermediate step.

And here’s the final result:

The always modest and unassuming, not to mention newly blonde Cher, calls it a Playboy centerfold look. But the star hasn’t forgotten the fans of her classic look:

It’s up to you which you prefer — old-school raven-haired Cher or the colorful new blonde Cher.