Jonathan Jaxson Admits He Wasn’t Hired By Amanda Bynes’ Family

Publicist Jonathan Jaxson confessed that he wasn’t hired by Amanda Bynes’ family to represent the troubled actress.

Jaxson has been speaking on behalf of Bynes, but an attorney for the What I Like About You star’s parents said that he doesn’t represent the 27-year-old or the family.

The Don’t You Know Who I Am Yet author told Entertainment Tonight Thursday that Bynes was “improving daily” during her long-term hospitalization.

“Despite some reports, Amanda is improving daily and responding well. There is still a long road ahead, and that doesn’t mean being confined to a locked-down treatment center,” Jaxson said.

“Amanda is in the best hands presently, medically, and each day her condition is being monitored. There is not a set release date, but with the great track she is on presently, she will be out of a lockdown facility and continuing to recover elsewhere in the near future,” he added. “Her parents love her dearly and still are hoping to continue conservatorship after September 30.”

Back in May, Jaxson had also talked about how the actress was suicidal before her marijuana possession arrest.

“There were text messages and other things. I repeated all of this to the NYPD and they took it seriously,” he said. “I want the world to know that this is a victory and that she is now going to get the help she deserves.”

But Tamar Arminak, Lynn and Rick Bynes’ attorney, said she wasn’t sure why Jaxson has been commenting on Bynes’ healthcare.

“Jonathan Jaxson does not represent the Bynes family or Amanda,” Arminak told E! Friday. “We are not sure why he is commenting on Amanda’s health care or representing himself as a publicist hired by her family.”

Jonathan told RumorFix Saturday, “I don’t care what people say of me. She [Tamar] represents Amanda’s family, not Amanda. Furthermore, I never claimed to rep her parents.” He included a screenshot of an email he sent to Arminak Friday, in which he said he was Bynes’ “acting publicist” in New York City and feels like “papa bear still trying to protect Amanda’s imagine [sic] and family’s names during this time of healing.”

Jaxson also said in the email that upsets him when there are false stories about his “old friend” and that he “would be happy to continue to assist and donate my efforts and time as I have been for many months.”