Joe Arpaio: Monitor Will Oversee Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s new monitor will be keeping an eye on the sheriff’s office. U.S District Judge Murray Snow ordered a monitor to oversee the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office operations. The person will report any discrimination or racist activities to the court.

Judge Snow pointed out that the monitor will not have the power to interfere with police business. However, they are tasked with reporting discrimination against Hispanics.

As reported by AZ Central, Judge Snow ruled that the sheriff’s office is guilty of racial profiling against Hispanics. However, he has delayed his final finding.

Snow is expected to make his final ruling by the end of September. In the meantime, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s monitor will be reporting any rights violations.

During Friday’s hearing, the prosecution and defense agreed that Maricopa County deputies would receive yearly sensitivity training. The sheriff’s office also agreed to assess record keeping and organization within the department.

The class action lawsuit against Joe Arpaio started in 2007 with the arrest of a Hispanic man. The man was detained for nine hours despite the fact that he was in the United States legally.

The case grew to include all traffic stops, involving Hispanics, since 2007.

In May, Judge Snow determined that Sheriff Joe violated constitutional rights through racial profiling. Along with the ACLU, Arpaio’s attorneys have negotiated several points. The negotiations include outreach to the community, and changes in policy.

As reported by Huffington Post, Arpaio’s office has rejected several ACLU suggestions. The ACLU suggested that deputies cite a reason for each traffic stop, before the driver is contacted. The sheriff’s office contends it would waste time.

Arpaio’s office has also rejected the suggestion of a community-advisory board. Sheriff Joe contends that he has been, and will continue to, work toward better community relations.

Joe Arpaio’s monitor will oversee the sheriff’s department until the case is concluded. Judge Snow has given both parties until September 18 to submit additional filings.

[Image via Wikimedia]