North Korea: U.S. Envoy Tries To Free American Christian Missionary Kenneth Bae, Fails

In North Korea US envoys who were trying to free an American Christian missionary Kenneth Bae were sent packing.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, even Dennis Rodman tried asking North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un to release Kenneth Bae but failed.

But now probably is not the best time to negotiate with North Korea since recently Kim Jong-Un executed his lover for filming a sex tape. Still, Robert King, North Korea’s US envoy for North Korean human right issues, tried to set up meeting to discuss the release of Kenneth Bae.

North Korea claims Kenneth Bae plotted to topple the Kim Jong-Un regime by bringing 250 students into North Korea, spreading “false propaganda,” and bribing North Korean officials. Online postings by Kenneth Bae described beach prayer meetings and how he considered the students “warriors for Christ.” Kenneth Bae’s family believes his sympathy for North Korean orphans may have led to the arrest.

Religious freedom is tightly controlled in North Korea and Kenneth Bae was a Christian missionary. Coincidentally, the recently executed lover was part of a music group that was accused of owning and spreading Bibles in North Korea.

While North Korea decided to not execute Kenneth Bae he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor on charges of subversion. Officials were surprised when North Korea’s US envoy for Kenneth Bae was turned away:

“We are surprised and disappointed by North Korea’s decision. We remain gravely concerned about Mr. Bae’s health and we continue to urge the DPRK authorities to grant Mr. Bae special amnesty and immediate release on humanitarian grounds.”

Officials are hoping North Korea’s US envoy might return at a later date and they’re seeking clarification on the issue.