June 29, 2017
Justin Bieber's Two Year Friendship With Tyler, The Creator Reframed As New 'Bromance'

Justin Bieber and Odd Future Tyler, The Creator's two-year friendship has been reframed as an entirely new thing, which is in the age of Google is pretty poor. Even more bizarrely, their recent trip to a Los Angeles Fatburger now apparently translates as a homoerotic impulse because of a rumor the pair shared a strawberry mikshake.

However, it's now claimed the 'splitsie' did not happen.

Following TMZ's initial report on the duo's early Wednesday morning meal "one cheese no bacon, one cheese no pickles --- and one order of skinny fries," the gossip site has updated their shared strawberry milkshake (in two cups) bombshell, with gripping news of Tyler, The Creator's denial.

A video of Tyler shows the 22-year-old firmly denying sharing a strawberry milkshake with Bieber.

"I didn't share no milkshake [with] my ni**a," the rapper insists, adding, "That's gay, I don't even like stawberries."

TMZ insists their Fatburger sources haven't backed down on the shared milkshake claim.

Since neither Bieber or Tyler snapped the disputed milkshake in their instagrams commemorating the Canadian's first ever Fatburger, the burning question 'Did skinny fries go with that denied split shake?' may never be answered.

Justin and Tyler's Fatburger run was bookended by a studio session with Pharrell Williams before, and a traffic citation for Bieber approximately one hour after.

It's alleged the teen star blew through a stop sign in his Calabasas, CA neighborhood while driving his infamous white Ferrari. After he was pulled over by police it was discovered Bieber didn't have a valid California driving license, something Golden State residents are required to get within 10 days of their residency.

Justin Bieber Hangs Out With Tyler, The Creator

Backtracking to the Pharrell part of the evening and Tyler's relationship with Bieber, speculation is abuzz about what the joint forces of one half of The Neptunes and Odd Future leader might bring to Justin's in-progress, upcoming album --- presuming the trio got any work done.

The Hollywood Reporter muses on Bieber entering his "artsy period" and exploring the boundaries of hip-hop, fusion and all that, er, jazz. Reasons offered include ending Frank Ocean's dominance in the Odd Future collective, an encouragement of Justin's wild side by the outlandish-loving crew, and a not quite look-alike stand-in if merchandise manager Lucas Vercetti ever leaves.

Gigwise notes Tyler previously described Bieber as a "cool kid" and revealed how excited he was to meet the "Baby" singer when the pair first met in 2011.

"It was weird, because I was sitting here starstruck, like, Oh, f*ck, it's Bieber. He's asking me questions. I'm like, Shut the f*ck up so I can talk to you," the rapper recalled.

Justin Bieber, Tyler The Creator

Over the last few years Bieber has expanded beyond his continuing social and musical team-ups with YMCMB artists (Lil Twist, Nicki Minaj and Tyga), as well as Ludacris, Big Sean, and Juicy J. Of late, the pop prince has hit the studio with Wiz Khalifa, R. Kelly, Future and (as mentioned), Tyler, The Creator and Pharrell.

It should be interesting seeing what comes out of that mix in Bieber's first, new solo music to come since his Believe albums.

Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams

[Non social media images via Gigwise]