Justin Bieber Juggles Macarons, Is The Key About To Unlock ‘Heartbreaker?’ [Video]

Justin Bieber has come over all benevolent and promising goodies over the weekend to promote his latest fragrance The Key. But, as the previous advert teased his upcoming single “Heartbreaker,” could this be the weekend the singer’s first, solo new music touches down?

Thursday’s tweet/retweet-fest from the popster centered on the campaign message #TheKey and #UnlockTheDream, finally linking yesterday to a teaser video at the 19-year-old’s Facebook.

In the clip Justin juggles macarons — those dainty-looking, multi-colored meringue confections that are actually quite unpleasant to swallow — but hopefully that isn’t a metaphor for what’s to come.

First announcing the single artwork on June 4 via Instagram, Bieber has teased “Heartbreaker” for months through a variety of means.

These included spontaneous listening sessions to the single with fans, an Instagram with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, hashtags aplenty on the heartthrob’s social media accounts and the tease in The Key commercial.

So, will all be revealed this weekend?

The macaron video is so inconsequential it just might be a prelude to the single because we can’t believe the Biebs would get folk all excited then deliver a juggling video. But, we could be wrong.

Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun, have previously talked up “Heartbreaker” and the teen’s new album — which the pair refer to as a “music journal” — as not just about the music, but also a way for the singer to address what they consider to be a “witch hunt” of his current bad press.

Braun also said Justin’s new releases would roll out “a little bit differently” to get his music to fans in a more creative, direct way which probably explains the The Key commerical tease.

So, until the next reveal enjoy the footage of Bieber juggling macarons in slow motion, which may very well count as cheating in clown school.

Justin Bieber 'Heartbreaker' Artwork

[Images via Facebook]