Impeach Obama Campaign Claims US Military Strike In Syria Was Pre-Planned

The Impeach Obama Campaign focuses on potential plans for a US military strike in Syria.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the House of Representatives has the votes to impeach Obama according to Congressman Blake Farenthold.

There have been calls to impeach Obama over the Benghazi scandal, and the recent allegations that the CIA was funneling weapons to Syria without the permission of Congress has only added fuel to the fire. Some even say we should impeach Obama over Obamacare. But most of these efforts have focused on Obama’s involvement in the IRS scandal.

Now efforts to impeach Obama are already underway if the President chooses to initiate a limited military strike on Syria. Reports claim the Syrian Assad regime used chemical weapons on its own citizens, killing mostly women and children. In regards to a possible US military strike in Syria, Obama has “not made a decision” yet. The British have already voted against a military strike in Syria based upon the evidence of Syria’s chemical weapons and scud missiles.

Already, three Republican congressmen have called for Obama’s impeachment. The case for impeaching President Obama is made on various levels, going all the way from birthers up to the recent Syrian war. But even fellow Republicans point out that impeaching Obama would be a pointless political gesture. While the US Constitution gives the House of Representatives the authority to serve letters of impeachment to Obama, the US Senate must enforce them. This is something a Democrat majority Senate is highly unlikely to do.

Still, efforts to impeach Obama are rallying around the potential military strike in Syria. The Impeach Obama Campaign goes so far as to claim “Obama planned on taking down Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad before the so-called Syrian civil war began.” They say that Obama’s war in Libya against Muammar Gaddafi was illegal. A secret Pentagon email allegedly describes the Obama administration “as planning the toppling of the Syrian government before the civil war even began.”

If the President approves a military strike in Syria should Congress impeach Obama?