Lamar Odom Arrested For DUI

Lamar Odom was arrested for DUI early Friday morning.

According to TMZ, the former Lakers forward was arrested at 3:54 am in San Fernando Valley for “driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.” Odom, who was driving a white Mercedes SUV, was pulled over by California Highway Patrol and taken to a nearby police station. He is currently being held on $15,000 bail.

Odom was pulled over for going too slow on the 101 Freeway — only 50 mph. Police said the 33-year-old was driving in a “serpentine manner.” Odom initially did not respond to police and drove past three exits before finally coming to a stop. Authorities said he showed obvious signs of intoxication and failed several field sobriety tests. He also refused chemical tests at the police station.

Odom has reportedly been dealing with drug addiction, with sources claiming he is using crack, cocaine, or prescription pills. Sources have said that Odom will go on “drug binges” and be high for three or four days at a time. His wife, Khloe Kardashian, has been trying to stage an intervention — to no avail — which caused Odom to leave their home. He had “gone missing” for 72 hours, but a rep said that Kardashian knew exactly where he was the whole time.

Former Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman recently spoke about Odom’s addiction, saying he didn’t understand how things got so out of control.

“I just don’t understand when you have so much money that you’re that bored that you really have to go to that extreme,” Rodman said. “The sad thing about it is the fact that he’s not a bad guy. He used to come to my restaurants, clubs in Newport Beach a lot. He’s a good guy.”

Rodman also said he didn’t understand why Odom was hiding out in a hotel.

“You have a great life, you’re making so much money, you have a beautiful house, a beautiful family,” he said.

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