Heavy snow collapses roof of the Metrodome

The Northern part of the Mid West United States was hit with heavy snowfall over the weekend. That is not news; the New York Giants had already been delayed in Kansas City trying to get to Minnesota for Sunday's game. Then the unthinkable happened, the snow fall in Minnesota, somewhere between 18-24 inches, collapsed the roof of the Metrodome and the game had to be rescheduled to Monday night in the city of Detroit.

I guess Minnesota's loss is my gain, as I now get to attend the game at Ford Field in my hometown, and take my son with me. Something I do not get to do all that often as I usually attend games as a member of the media and have a lot of work to accomplish. Better than all that I get to attend the first ever Monday Night Football game in the history of Ford Field. The NFL and Vikings really stepped up here and got the game moved, and will not charge folks to attend it. The Vikings will also refund money to their ticket holders.

This is how it will al work. Folks who had a ticket for the contest in Minnesota will be given premier seating at Ford Field. Folks who attended Sunday’s game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers and present their ticket stub will be granted access to the building, and finally tomorrow morning at 9AM the Ford Field box office will open and allow people to get free tickets to the game.

I don't mean to sound crass about this as Detroit had a similar experience on March 4, 1985 and again in 1999 as the roof of the Pontiac Silverdome, once the home of the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Lions, suffered damage due to inclement weather.

Here is a link to some video that shows the Metrodome roof coming down

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