Dennis Rodman Addresses Lamar Odom’s Alleged Drug Use

Former Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman said he “doesn’t understand” how Lamar Odom’s alleged drug use got so out of control.

The 52-year-old spoke to HuffPost Live‘s Marc Lamont Hill Thursday and said he was confused about why Odom would let his addiction get so “extreme”. Reports have varied as to Odom’s drug of choice — some say crack, while others say prescription drugs — but either way, it’s supposedly ruining his life.

“I just don’t understand when you have so much money that you’re that bored that you really have to go to that extreme,” Rodman said. “The sad thing about it is the fact that he’s not a bad guy. He used to come to my restaurants, clubs in Newport Beach a lot. He’s a good guy.”

Rodman continued, “I don’t understand why he’s hiding in a hotel. You have a great life, you’re making so much money, you have a beautiful house, a beautiful family.”

Hill asked Rodman if there was any indication that Odom was using drugs, and he said there were a lot of people around him using drugs and he didn’t even know it. But it isn’t up to him to judge, Rodman said.

“I don’t care what people does, as long as they take care of themselves and do the right things,” Rodman said. “Just do not go backwards, don’t go backwards in life, especially when you worked so hard to get there.”

Lamar Odom returned home to wife Khloe Kardashian this week. He reportedly left after Kardashian tried to stage an intervention, and had “gone missing” for about 72 hours. A rep for Odom denied the reports and said Kardashian knew exactly where he was the whole time.

Kris Jenner has apparently pleaded with her daughter to divorce Odom, saying that he brings nothing to the family. He isn’t signed to an NBA team, refuses to go to rehab, and is a bad influence on Rob Kardashian. There are also rumors that he has been cheating on Kardashian.