Spitzer Escort Ashley Dupree interview on 20/20: Its not my fault.

Duncan Riley

Ashley Dupree, the escort or prostitute that bought down Elliot Spitzer was interviewed on 20/20 by Diane Sawyer on ABC News.

Its an interesting story about how an honour student, turns to the escort business to make money. Its the usual hard luck story, father left at 3, brotherran away and arrested for dealing, fell in with the wrong crowd. Ashley Dupree comes across very sympatheticly. If you ever wondered why how someone gets caught up as an escort she told it convincingly.

Diane Sawyer tried to make her say that she was a prostitute, but she would only say sh was an "escort". W When asked what the difference was she said time spent. Apparently she spent lots of time "talking". Uhuh. Smart girl though, the word prostitute never escaped her lips.

On legal advice she did not answer any detailed questions about the Spitzer affair, but she did say she didn't know who he was when she met him.

Her reaction to the huge controversy which ended Governor Elliot Spitzer's career mainly revolved around her feelings over Spitzer's wife. She says she feels nothing towards Spitzer either positive or negative and that she is not at fault for bringing Spitzer down. "if it wasn't me it would have been somebody else," she said. "Its not my fault".

She also said she wants out of the life she had and has turned down both a reality TV series and a million dollar offer from Hustler - Spitzer and prostitution aside, maybe she does have some class. It will be interesting to see how she pulls her life together, as this reputation is going to follow her around.

See the six minute highlight video below.