Time Warner Cable Gives Customers Free Movies During CBS Blackout

Time Warner Cable is attempting to calm its customers by offering free movies during the CBS blackout. Coupons were emailed to disgruntled subscribers earlier this week.

Folks who reside in and around Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York are still living without the broadcaster’s many networks. Counted among the casualties is Showtime, a fact that probably isn’t settling too well with hardcore Dexter fans right about now.

In an effort to keep people from cutting the cord and heading to a competitor, Time Warner Cable is giving affected viewers a coupon for a free movie. This offer is good for one motion picture through the company’s VOD service. Subscribers will have 60 days to redeem the coupon.

“Thank you for being a loyal Time Warner Cable customer. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this current broadcast channel blackout and appreciate your patience,” the Time Warner Cable email explained.

The company’s message continued, “The huge price increases demanded by broadcasters have a direct impact on your monthly cable bill and we are continuing to work hard to negotiate a fair deal. We appreciate your support during this time and will continue to bring you the content you love at a reasonable price.”

This isn’t the only freebie Time Warner Cable has given its unhappy subscribers since the CBS blackout occurred. The company previously offered free rabbit ear antennas to folks in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas in order to catch CBS over the air.

However, many subscribers discovered that they lived too far away from a broadcast tower to catch the signal. Although some plunked down serious money for powered antennas, they still weren’t able to tune into CBS. Not surprisingly, many people weren’t exactly thrilled with the situation.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was trying to help both parities reach a mutual agreement. However, a representative for the agency said they don’t have the power to force the cable provider to end the blackout.

Are you one of the people affected by the Time Warner Cable-CBS fiasco? What do you think about the company offering its subscribers one free movie for putting up with the situation?

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