Erica Parsons: Police Zero In On Adoptive Parents In Case Of Missing Teen

Erica Parsons was last seen two years ago, and police in North Carolina seem to be focusing on the adoptive parents who claim the girl left to live with a grandmother.

Erica’s brother reported her missing last month, but it has been two years since the teenager was last seen. Her adopted parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, said the teen willingly left home to live with her grandmother in the mountains in 2011.

But police tell a different story. A search warrant alleges that Casey and Sandy were abusive to Erica before her disappearance. The couple has denied any wrongdoing, and no arrests have been made in the case.

On Monday police interviewed Erica’s parents for about an hour, but it’s not immediately clear if they are considered suspects. An attorney for the couple said the FBI routinely meets with the Parsonses to verify information about new tips.

A few hours after the interview neighbors saw Casey and Sandy Parsons packing up belongings in their home and loading them into several vehicles. The couple refused to answer questions about whether they were moving, however.

To aid in the search for Erica Parsons, Adams Outdoor Advertising has put up 15 digital billboards with her picture across the Charlotte area.

Erica had only lived with her adoptive parents for a year before she disappeared. Her biological mother, Carolyn Parsons, said she had no job and steady income so sent Erica to live with a former brother-in-law and his wife.

But Carolyn said the woman Erica left the adoptive parents to live with, “Nan,” doesn’t exist.

Carolyn added that she is angry at herself for not checking in on Erica after sending her to live with family.

“If I knew in January, what I’ve heard now, I would have been at Rowan County Courthouse fighting for my kid back,” she said.

Police investigating the disappearance of Erica Parsons reportedly seized several items from the home of her adoptive parents, including baseboards and carpet that may have been stained with blood and a collection of magazines about JonBenet Ramsey.