Shemane Deziel Arrested: Ted Nugent’s Wife Allegedly Had Gun At Airport

Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Deziel was arrested today at a Dallas airport.

Details about the arrest are not known at this time but TMZ reports that Deziel tried to bring a gun into the terminal. It’s unclear if Nugent was at the airport at the time of her arrest.

The local Fox station reported that Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport officials declined to comment on the arrest. Officials said that information regarding Shemane Deziel would come from a police report that isn’t scheduled for release until tomorrow morning.

Ted Nugent and Shemane Deziel have been married since 1989 and have one child together.

Deziel hasn’t been as outspoken as her rocker husband about gun issues but Mrs. Cat Scratch Fever sure isn’t shy around the trigger. A video from 2012 shows Shemane shooting an AR15. Which, for some reason, is covered in pink & black zebra stripes.

Shemane also regularly hunts with Ted on the show Spirit Of The Wild.

It’s unclear why Shemane had a gun at the airport but Nugent and his wife always seem to be standing next to some sort of firearm. It’s possible that she just forgot that it was in her pink & black zebra striped purse.