UFC President Dana White Responds To Tito Ortiz’s Slavery Comment

Dana White is not happy with former UFC light heavyweight Tito Ortiz, who compared working for White to slavery.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated Wednesday, Ortiz was asked what it was like to work for White, to which he responded, “I thought slavery was over a long time ago.” Ortiz went on to say that the UFC president is “one of the biggest bullies… in the business. He’s a big bully.”

White, who was Ortiz’s manager in the early days of his UFC career, fired back at his former employee shortly afterward.

“How about this f**king moron coming out and saying he was a slave,” White said. “I shouldn’t even ask that question if he knows what a slave means cause he is one of the dumbest motherf**kers you will ever meet. Seriously, he’s a slave to stupidity is what he is.”

White also lashed out at Rampage Jackson, who said his former boss is “the type of guy that will force you into a fight after surgery, and if you don’t perform really well in the fight, or you lose, he’ll talk crap about you in the media.” Like Ortiz, Jackson signed with Bellator after leaving the UFC. The former training partners are scheduled to headline the first ever Bellator Pay-Per-View event on November 2.

“You’ve got f**king Bozo and the other Bozo over there going ‘this is the greatest place in the world to work and we’re so happy!’ Then what the f**k are you talking about me for,” White said. “If you love where you’re at, you really love it and you’re that happy, then why are you talking about me? That makes no sense.”

White went on to say that neither Ortiz nor Jackson were ranked in the top 10, and talked about how both of their UFC careers ended after extended losing streaks.

“[Tito’s] acting like he’s a f**king fighter that can still compete now. He lost nine of his last 10 fights, between the two of them. Rampage has lost his last three. Rampage literally came out and said ‘I can’t compete with the best in the world anymore,'” White said.

“And you’re asking me if I’m going to buy that pay-per-view and stay home on a Saturday night and watch it? From my perspective, it would be a waste of a f**king evening where I could be doing something else.”