David Schwimmer Graffiti: ‘Ross Is Not Cool,’ Neighbors Say

David Schwimmer has been hit with some embarrassing graffiti at his construction site in New York City’s East Village.

According to EV Grieve, which is an East Village neighborhood blog, the 46-year-old Friends star is reportedly moving into his new home on East Sixth Street. An unhappy neighbor decided to welcome him with a cold comment on some of the plywood construction debris.

As you can see when you check out a couple of photos tweeted from the scene, the anonymous graffiti artist wants David Schwimmer to know that, “Ross is not cool.”

It seems a little ridiculous to have to describe the story behind the graffiti. But in case you were orbiting Saturn for the last 20 years, Ross is the character that Schwimmer played on the wildly successful NBC sitcom Friends, which ran a decade from 1994 to 2004.

I won’t go so far as to say that Ross was uncool. But I’ll be happy to admit that I found him fairly annoying.

And it’s clear that Schwimmer’s new neighbors aren’t prepared to be impressed by his celebrity.

In previous blog posts, EV Grieve had documented the destruction of the historic East Village apartment that dated back to 1852. David Schwimmer bought it as a teardown and had it reduced to rubble in 2011.

And his new East Village neighbors apparently still haven’t gotten over it.

The blog said that construction workers painted over the “Ross is not cool” graffiti after a few hours. But it was already too late, since the photographs had hit the internet, where the graffiti will doubtless live forever as further proof that David Schwimmer’s neighbors don’t like him all that much.

[David Schwimmer photo by Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com]