'Futurama' Final Episode Clip Now Online [Video]

Futurama's final episode is coming up soon, and a clip from that episode has hit the internet.

Matt Groening's animated sci-fi comedy has seen a pretty good run, giving us a futuristic spoof on nearly every science fiction show or movie to have appeared, all the while having its own unique and hilarious plot. For four seasons, Futurama gave us regular laughs until it was apparently canceled in 2007 when the contract expired. However, the creators of the series found a way around it, making four direct-to-DVD movies continuing the show; Bender's Big Score, The Beast With a Billion Backs, Bender's Game, and Into the Wild Green Yonder.

After these movies, the series was renewed with Comedy Central, who carried the series up until now. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Futurama's own Billy West – the voice actor behind Philip J Fry, Zapp Brannigan, Professor Farnsworth, Doctor Zoidberg, and various others – made the statement that he doesn't believe the series is really over. He thinks it will be picked up by another TV network and continued like it never ended, just like last time.

After the Futurama final episode, there will be one final cameo on The Simpsons, as also reported by The Inquisitr, which we suppose was inevitable anyway. After all, Matt Groening was the man behind both of them.

The clip from the Futurama final episode, entitled "Broke the Universe," begins with Fry and Leela in the middle of a New New York apparently frozen in place. All around them, everything, including fellow characters Amy, Doctor Zoidberg, Hermes, and Bender, has suddenly stopped moving.

Futurama Farnsworth meme
Futurama Farnsworth meme

Fry asks Leela, "What happened? Did I break the button?"

Leela waves her hand in front of Doctor Zoidberg's face and answers, "I think you broke the universe. Everything but us is frozen!"

We then see a wrecking ball in mid swing, debris stuck in place, transport tubes full of people not moving at all, and a businessman on a cell phone about to step into a sewer as men in hard hats are stuck in mid-laugh watching the calamity which might never happen.

Fry asks, "What are we gonna do?"

Leela answers that she's going to take back the earrings she lent Amy three years ago, and after that, she doesn't know.

The clip of the Futurama final episode is above, the full episode coming Wednesday, September 4. Give us your impressions in the comments below.