‘Saints Row IV’ Moves 1 Million Copies During First Week Of Release

Saints Row IV has reportedly sold at whopping one million copies during its first week of release. The open-world adventure has apparently struck a chord with gamers.

The fourth insane installment of the franchise finds players taking control of the President of the United States as he battles a legion of villainous aliens hellbent on world domination. The whole game takes place inside a Matrix-style simulation, a setting that allows for some truly bizarre experiences.

Many wondered how the game would fair with gamers ahead of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. Although the game will hit retail shelves within a matter of weeks, apparently folks don’t mind downing this adventure before they take a trip back to the wonderful world of Los Santos.

Not surprisingly, Deep Silver’s Menno van der Bil is pretty stoked about how well Saints Row IV performed during its first week on shelves. Not only did the game move over a million copies, approximately 1.5 million people registered on the game’s official website.

“The over the top nature of Saints Row 4 underlines the Deep Silver brand strategy perfectly and we are also ecstatic about the critical praise the game has received,” van der Bil said.

Volition CEO Klemens Kundratitz echoed these sentiments.

“We are incredibly happy of the reception for Saints Row 4 as a critical and now a commercial success. The development team at Volition is second-to-none as a driving creative force in the entertainment industry and we are very proud to have them as part of the Deep Silver family,” Kundratitz explained in a recent statement.

If you’re craving more Saints Row IV content, then be sure to pick up a handful of DLC expansions whenever you have some spare change. In addition to the The Grass Roots Pack, fans now have access to The Presidential Pack. Both are currently available across all platforms.

Did you pick up a copy of Saints Row IV last week?

[Image via Volition / Deep Silver]