‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Official Trailer Hits The Streets [Video]

Grand Theft Auto V just landed its official trailer, above.

The latest game to make the rounds in the minds of gamers and politicians, Grand Theft Auto V has a lot to live up to. Rockstar North hasn’t let us down yet, however, every title in the series being a massive success as gamers take to the virtual streets with the mission to steal the perfect ride, and perhaps complete a story mission or two.

So far, we know that Grand Theft Auto V will have three separate protagonists, each with different reasons to do their dirty deeds for not so dirt cheap. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are all out to take on the town and make the big bucks on the down-low, and they’ll do it in a wide variety of vehicles ranging from high-speed quads to planes.

The official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V begins with a birds eye view of a desert landscape complete with mountains, a train, a dirt road, and sparse cactus. Then we cut to the inside of an apartment or house, where one of our criminal friends says, “A few weeks ago, I was happily soaking by my swimming pool.”

Then we get a scene of one man on a stool facing that previous one on a lounge chair, and the guy who was talking asks what he wants.

“Just came by to see if there was something I could help you with.”

The first guy says he’s retired, before he continues with the bigger story, “My psychotic best friend shows up out of nowhere, to torture me over mistakes I made over a decade ago!”

We see men in ski masks shooting out surveillance cameras before a door explodes open.

A guy with glasses asks the first man, “Are you back in the game?”

The reply comes, “I guess,” and there is a happy cheer welcoming him back.

Then we see various parts of the story being played out in game, including one where someone is toting a gatling gun.

Grand Theft Auto V is promising to be yet another fun romp in the mean streets, as the official trailer shows. Give us your impressions in the comments below.