Bush Library Rewrite Site Offers Liberal Version Of President’s Legacy

Still not over Bush? Tired of all the plaudits he’s been getting lately while living in relative seclusion? Think the Bush Library and Museum traffics in half-truths, outright lies, and shameful worship of the war criminal that was the 43rd President of the United States? You are in luck. There’s a website for people like you, by people like you.

A “Bush Library rewrite” website launched by the liberal nonprofit group Bridge Project seeks to expose “the conservative movement’s dishonest tactics,” and “rectify the falsehoods and omissions of the Bush library.”

They’re doing this with a new website called BushRewrite.org, launched Thursday.

The Bush Library has been accused of glossing over administration “lows” like Hurricane Katrina (though some prominent Democrats have said that Bush actually came through in that crisis). The Bush Library rewrite site catalogs the “scandals and controversies” and “policy failures” that constitute what they say is Bush’s “true legacy,” which includes the 2008 financial collapse, war, national security, torture and rendition.

There’s also room on the site for Bush’s record on education, the environment and Social Security.

The Bridge Project also uses the site to criticize current policies proposed by congressional Republicans.

And this is all because the Bush Library itself contains “American fiction,” according to Eddie Vale, vice president of Bridge Project.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Vale continued: “The inaccuracies and omissions are a disservice to the annals of history, but ignoring the lessons of the Bush administration poses a threat to our nation’s future. The failure to recognize the consequences of Bush’s policy decisions is why today’s congressional Republicans are even more ambitious than Bush ever was in pursuing the policies that served as the catalyst for the crises from which we are still recovering.”

You can check out the Bush Library rewrite site here.