‘Now You See Me’ Director Louis Leterrier Returning For Sequel

Now You See Me director Louis Leterrier has confirmed that he will return for the upcoming sequel to his hit summer heist flick.

While everyone was focused on superheroes and big-budget Hollywood flops, the modestly-budgeted thriller managed to fly under the radar. Thanks in part to its exceptional cast and solid script, the $75 million flick went on to earn approximately $293 million worldwide.

Since the folks at Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are understandably thrilled with the film’s success, executives are busy putting together a sequel to Now You See Me. Louis Leterrier is reportedly attached to bring the follow-up to life.

The filmmaker recently opened up about the project during a chat with Coming Soon. According to Leterrier, a sequel was always a part of the original plan.

He explained to the website:

I’m currently, not writing, but we’re coming up with the story, the plot, the everything, the twist and the new characters and everything. It was always at least a diptych, two movies, to tell one long story, so yeah, I’m very much involved in it. I don’t know if it’s going to be my next movie. I know we want to do it pretty fast but I might be able to do another movie in between.

The director told MovieWeb that he currently has too many ideas in mind for the Now You See Me sequel. Leterrier explained he is trying to figure out which ones would work best for the follow-up.

“We want it to be intense and as twisty as the first one, but also learn more about the characters and go deeper, what a great sequel should do. That’s going to take not too long, but enough so, just like in the first one, it’s perfectly crafted,” he said.

While you’re waiting for the Now You See Me sequel to arrive, fans of Louis Leterrier can check out his next cinematic endeavor late next summer. His Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot should arrive in theaters across North America on August 8, 2014.

[Image via Lionsgate / Summit Entertainment]