Raptor Prank: Dinosaur Runs Amok In Japanese Office [Video]

A dinosaur raptor prank was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday. If you hit that button, you can see the reaction of Japanese office workers who suddenly find themselves under attack by somebody dressed up like a rampaging carnivorous dinosaur.

I don’t speak Japanese, so I had a few questions about the dinosaur raptor prank video. According to TVNZ, the footage was shot for a Pranked style Japanese TV program.

The faces set into the little boxes show the reaction of the people who set up the pranks.

Dread Central certainly liked the raptor prank footage. A writer who calls himself Uncle Creepy — and surely his mother didn’t name him that — offered this exuberant review:

“[Y]ou guys NEED to watch this latest prank video from Japan…I would tune in religiously if we had it. So here you go… a giant raptor chasing hapless unaware victims down the hallway of an office building. It truly gets no better than this.”

It is funny. But there’s a but.

How come the Japanese office workers screaming in frenzied fear as they flee the dinosaur raptor never notice the two human legs sticking out of the costume?

Fear not. YouTube commenters are standing by and waiting to explain everything.

Poster misora25chan said, “Common sense is lost due to fear…I won’t be able to focus on the legs at all since I am staring at the head fearing it might eat me all of a sudden.”

Yeah OK. Maybe.

By the way, many descriptions of the attacker call it only a raptor and not a dinosaur raptor. However, you will have to humor me since I am a bird person. In my world, a raptor is a predator with feathers swooping down on its hapless victim from above — not a big clumsy dinosaur stomping its way through a hallway.

But whatever you call the star of the dinosaur raptor prank video, I can’t shake the sneaking suspicion that the Japanese office workers were in on the joke.

[dinosaur model thumbnail photo credit: FrankMaurer via photopin cc]