Glenn Beck’s Global Warming Firing Policy: Use CFL Light, Get Fired [Video]

Glenn Beck said he’d fire anyone in his studio who tries to fight global warming by such harmless measures as buying special lights or recyclable spoons.

I wouldn’t make that kind of claim without evidence. Hit that button to see the global warming firing statement from Beck on a recent episode of his radio program. He does seem worked up enough to fire somebody over it.

According to Right Wing Watch, the organization that posted the footage to YouTube, the woman Glenn Beck is speaking to is the Vice-President of Studio Operations. RWW are clearly no fans of Beck, but the video does seem to speak for itself, and I have no reason to doubt their identification.

The woman is laughing and all that, and so is he. But I think you’ll have to agree that they’re both looking a little tense.

Beck stammers a lot in the beginning, so I almost have to think that he knows he’s about to say something outrageous.

But finally Glenn Beck just blurts out the office firing policy on global warming:

“I fire the person that… starts to purchase fluorescent light bulbs unless that is the only light bulb for a very specific reason and I want to be CC’d on what that reason is…Recyclable spoons are never to be purchased in this company ever again…”

There’s some fairly random rambling that recyclable cardboard boxes are out of line as well.

“I would like a memo to go out this week to everyone in this company that global warming is a pile of c***.”

Well, allrighty then.

One YouTube viewer made this comment: “Glenn Beck is just a machine designed to gobble up views…He’s a massive troll who wants to get attention to himself.”

I have to admit that I had much the same reaction. But I asked around, and a lot of people think Glenn Beck is sincere.

Now I’m left with one more question. If the Glenn Beck global warming firing policy is for real, is it really legal to fire someone for using a CFL light?

[Glenn Beck thumbnail photo credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc]