United States wants to put Wikileaks back in the bottle – Good luck with that.

In the follow up to Wikileaks making files available for anyone in the world to mirror Marshall Kirkpatrick from ReadWriteWeb did some checking over on Pirate Bay to see how well the torrents for the Wikileaks files were doing. Needless to say that as much as the United States government might want to put that genie back in the bottle it is obvious by the numbers that this isn’t going to happen.

Here’s a few of the numbers that Marshall pulled together:

  • There are, as of this writing, 113 different torrents with the words Wikileaks Cablegate in the title listed
  • At the time of Marshall’s post there were 109 people leeching a Wikileaks Cablegate file and 5801 total seeds
  • The first full archive file was seeded two and a half hours after @wikileaks first announce their availability on Twitter
  • 721 people are currently helping seed the first day’s archive file.
  • 26 different Wikileaks Cablegate torrents were uploaded yesterday.

And as Marshall also points out – this is just the tip of the iceberg:

According to the Wikileaks.ch site, just 1193 out of the 251,287 total documents included in Cablegate have been released so far. That’s less than 0.5% of what’s on its way.

Try as hard as they might by putting pressure on businesses or governments there is no way that the US government can stop this, but good luck trying.