Obamacare Forced Home Inspections Provision Widely Decried

A virally popular blog post about Obamacare forced home inspections has been widely shared and decried, as many who oppose the law also known as the Affordable Health Care Act examine its provisions as it makes its way to “law of the land” status.

The outcry over Obamacare forced home inspections seems to stem back to a blog post, in which the writer explains that “any family may be visited by federally paid agents for almost any reason,” adding that under an “Obamacare provision millions of Americans will be targeted.”

The post goes on to peg the Obamacare forced home inspections on data purportedly on the “Health and Human Services’ website” which “states that your family will be targeted if you fall under the ‘high-risk’ categories including underage mothers (not yet 21), families with smokers or other users of tobacco, families with children who are learning disabled or simply bad students, and most infuriatingly, veterans and the families of current or former armed forces members.

It is subsequently noted that Obamacare forced home inspections are (we assume with the implication unjustly so) not going to be standard for Medicaid recipients.

Constitutional attorney and author Kent Masterson Brown is quoted regarding the Obamacare forced home inspections:

“This is not a ‘voluntary’ program. The eligible entity receiving the grant for performing the home visits is to identify the individuals to be visited and intervene so as to meet the improvement benchmarks. A homeschooling family, for instance, may be subject to ‘intervention’ in ‘school readiness’ and ‘social-emotional developmental indicators.’ A farm family may be subject to ‘intervention’ in order to ‘prevent child injuries.’ The sky is the limit.”

Fortunately for Americans, the Obamacare forced home inspections policy is not a policy at all. Snopes and PolitiFact both examined the terrifying claims, and it appears the forced home inspections are, in fact, simply a funding provision for in-home care that is in fact voluntary and further not new at all.

While the Obamacare forced home inspections sound scary, the political fact checker rated the tale “pants on fire” for its willful disregard for truth. However, as with much of the hype surrounding Obamacare, the fact that it’s not true matters far less than the fact that it is loud.